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Why should you know how to recognize and report suspected dog fighting activities?

Dog fighting is a felony act. In July 2002, the Indiana General Assembly made promoting an animal fighting contest a Class D Felony (IC 35-46-3-9.5).

Dog fighting has been linked to many other illegal and criminal activities which could affect your friends, family, or yourself.

Law enforcement and animal welfare investigators report:

Dog fighters are often involved in illegal gambling, the sale and possession of drugs, as well as illegal weapons.

Dog fighters and spectators have a history of violent and criminal behavior toward people.

Dog fighting is another entertainment activity for gangs.

Dogs trained for fighting have been known to viciously attack innocent people for no apparent reason.

What to look for…

The "Pit Bull" is commonly the dog used for dog fighting. A "Pit Bull" is also known as an American Pit Bull Terrier, or American Staffordshire Terrier. However, just because your neighbor owns a Pit Bull does not mean that he or she is involved in dog fighting. Dogs used in fighting often times have observable characteristics:

The above information was obtained from Central Indiana Canine Crime Stoppers.

Report Dog Fighting Now!  317-262-TIPS (Confidential)

To report animal neglect or abuse in Hendricks County, call Animal Control:  317-745-9250

To report animal neglect or abuse in Marion County, call Animal Control:  317-327-1397

To report dogs living in inhumane conditions anywhere in the US call:  757-357-9292 or visit DogsDeserveBetter.org  

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Sadly, dog fighting exists in Hendricks County and throughout Central Indiana. Please take a moment to visit Canine Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana to learn more. You may also contact your local police department or county animal control.