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Some of you may be familiar with our Have A Heart For Cashmere fund raising campaign. For those who are not, Cashmere is an adorable pomeranian mix pup Misty Eyes rescued along with her sister, Charmin. When we received Cashmere, we learned that she had a congenital heart defect known as a PDA, in which a valve does not develop properly. Many puppies with PDA do not survive past their first year. Cashmere’s condition was treatable with surgery, so we took her to Purdue University in early October for the procedure. We were given an estimate of around $2,500 just for the surgery. We launched a fund raising campaign through social media and are very happy to report that, to date, we have received around $1,500. To all those who donated to help Cashmere, you have our thanks and sincere appreciation. You have helped to make it possible for this sweet little dog to live a healthy, long life. She came through her surgery with no problems and is recovering well.

October proved to be a rough month for the Misty Eyes medical budget. Besides Cashmere’s surgery, we rescued a little 4 year old terrier mix in early October who had a broken ankle that required orthopedic surgery. Winston had his surgery, then developed pneumonia during his recovery. He is now doing well, but has one more procedure to get through, then several more weeks of recuperation. Needless to say, his medical costs are mounting.

Around the same time, one of our senior girls, 14 year old rat terrier, Dottie, developed a serious case of pneumonia. She was hospitalized briefly and is now recuperating in her foster home. An otherwise healthy girl, we expect that Dottie will be just fine, and it was well worth the expense to provide the emergency treatment she needed.

Despite the generous discounts we receive from Brownsburg  Animal Clinic and MedVet of Carmel, Winston’s and Dottie’s medical costs have grown rather large. Therefore, we are extending our fund raising campaign to include Winston and Dottie.

Any donation we receive, no matter the amount, is greatly appreciated. It is only through your generosity and support that we are able to continue rescuing animals in need like Cashmere, Winston and Dottie.

If you would  like to make a donation to our medical fund, please use the link above. You will be able to designate in the comments section if you would like your donation to be directed for Cashmere, Winston or Dottie…or you can make a donation to our general medical fund. Thank you for helping us help them!